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Scholarships | The Franklin Foundation for Innovation
Scholarship Opportunities

Way more than “just” scholarships…

Our scholarships aren’t for the lucky, or the fortunate…they’re for individuals who refuse to be ordinary. For students who forge ahead despite adversity, graduate learners who cannot be stopped in their pursuit of excellence, and educators who are focused on providing their students with the best education possible through the sharing of what they have learned.

Receiving a scholarship from The Franklin Foundation for Innovation makes you a Franklin Scholar. Franklin Scholars are community leaders who use what they have learned to make the lives of others they don’t necessarily know, better. They do this in the tradition of our organization’s namesake who worked hard innovating ideas for the common good – not for pay or recognition, but because he could so he did.

Franklin Scholars receive mentorship and continuous assistance and evaluation throughout their scholarship program. Supports within the organization provide the tools necessary to ensure your success, and help link you with the network of supporters and sponsors we have rallied to our cause. Together, we can build generations of individuals who use their knowledge for the common good.

Our scholarships are for innovatorspresent and future.

For Students Entering College

The foundation provides scholarships for high school students who have been accepted to an accredited 4-Year University located in the United States and will earn a degree towards a science, education, mathematics, or technology discipline. Students who receive these scholarships will be amongst the top students in their class related to their area of study. When a student receives a Franklin Scholarship, they are also joining an organization focused on ensuring their success and future prosperity. From individualized support and coaching, to internship opportunities with sponsor organizations, learners can expect to gain access to both a solid education and a great scholarship opportunity. Both partial (2-year) and full (4-year) scholarships will be made available to qualified candidates annually. For more information on scholarship opportunities, use the ``contact us`` form to make an inquiry.

For Graduates in College

The foundation provides full scholarships for graduate scholars attending master's and doctoral level programs at an accredited University located in the United States. Programs must be based in the sciences, mathematics, or technology disciplines. Scholars who receive these scholarships will be amongst the top learners in their respective programs with a minimum 3.8 GPA. These scholarships are highly competitive, and targeted toward scholars with exceptional talents and both an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Scholars who receive Franklin Scholarships gain access to research opportunities and internships not readily available to other scholars. Full 2 year scholarships will be made available to qualified candidates annually. For more information on scholarship opportunities, use the ``contact us`` form to make an inquiry.

For Educators

The top 5% of educators possess certain traits. They are effective, passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, consistent, innovative, expressive, and dynamic. We seek out these educators to provide them with funding for their next stage of education. Our scholarships assist with graduate or doctoral-level education, certifications, and professional advancement coursework. Future educators will also be considered for 4-year scholarship opportunities. The Franklin Foundation offers advanced scholarships for graduate education in the sciences, mathematics, technologies, or engineering. The focus of these scholarships is providing grade school teachers with the tools they need to empower future innovators. For more information on scholarship opportunities, use the ``contact us`` form to make an inquiry.

Our Process:

Applying for scholarships is a formal process at The Franklin Foundation. Scholarships are managed by the Foundation’s Grants & Selections Committee which meets annually to discuss scholarship applications and to invite selected applicants to proceed into the interview round.

Scholarships are awarded in August of every year by the committee. The committee will notify award winners by phone and traditional mail by the 1st Friday of the month of August. Initial letters of inquiry should be received no later than the 3rd Friday of March for that fiscal year.

Step One

Reach out to us…

Use our contact form to request an inquiry packet. Inquiry packets will be made available to prospective candidates by January 10th of every fiscal year.

Once you’ve received your inquiry packet by email, complete it in it’s entirety and submit it to the foundation using the email address provided. You will be issued a candidate number – a unique number that will be assigned to you and only you will know.

Step Two

Help us get to know you better…

Once we have received your completed inquiry packet, your submission will be evaluated by the Special Selection Team to determine whether or not we would like to see you for an interview. Candidates will be notified of their status by the First Friday in June of that application year.

If invited to interview we will conduct an interview with you and the grants committee via video conference. If you do not have access to a computer, we will help you find the resources you need or conduct a phone interview instead. The interview will be used to get to know you better, what your goals and aspirations are, and will help us gauge your readiness for college.

Step Three

Partner with us in your success…

If awarded a scholarship following the interview process you will be notified accordingly. Those who were invited to interview but did not receive a scholarship are eligible to apply again the following calendar year.

Once awarded, we will work with your school of choice to setup your financial package and ensure that you have the support structure you’ll need to be successful. The Foundation will continue to monitor your progress, and provide you with tools and resources to help when necessary. Scholarship winners (excluding teachers) are automatically eligible to participate in NalaNET projects at their school provided the university is a NalaNET participating university.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us for more information.